Thursday, August 22, 2013

A "Rosy" Day

I am LOVING my clothesline!!!  The sheets came in smelling exactly as I remembered.  Ahhhhh!!!  AND... the timing of getting it put up is amazing.  The afternoon after I had hung out my sheets, my next load of laundry, which I had decided to dry in the dryer, had to be hung out as well.  Yup... our dryer went KAPUT!!!  Now we knew its days were limited, as it has been making a funky sound for a couple of months.  And it is quite old, having been in Karl's house in Massachusetts for about 15-20 years before its move to Floyd.  And the 3+ years we have been using it put it well past its prime. We will have it repaired and see how many more years it will go, but until then, my clothes will waft in the breezes and fresh sunshine.  LOVE IT!!!  God is Good!!!

It rained yesterday and I happened to notice during a lull in the showers, just how beautiful my roses are this year.  We have had lots of rain and they filled out beautifully.  And what a glorious aroma!!!  They are the heirloom variety called Don Juan!  I will have to plant more eventually.  I know there is a God, not only in my heart, but just looking around at all the beauty he has bestowed upon us. I mean... how beautiful is this!!!

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